You Will Receive an E-Mail from PEAK

Grandview Parents and Students:

Over the next few days, you will be receiving emails from our online program called PEAK.  This is through a company called FuelEd.  It will state that your child has been signed up for a particular class through their program even though you may or may not have signed up for the Virtual Education option.  Please DO NOT DELETE THIS EMAIL.  We are signing up all students through the PEAK program whether they are planning on attending school on campus or virtually in order to keep continuity for all students in the event of a change in plans for the 2020-2021 school year.  Information in the email will pertain to your student.  

It has been said in the past and we will say it again, at no time in the history of Grandview have we come across something that has put us in such a position as currently find ourselves.  Please take note that we are, as are all districts,  continually exploring all options available to minimize the impact on your families and maximize the effectiveness of your child(ren)’s educational experience.  

We know we will get through this together and because of that we are #proud2begrandview