VIRTUAL SUMMER SCHOOL ENROLLMENT IS CLOSED!  Please check back next spring for the 2021 summer.  Thanks

Thank you for showing an interest in our Missouri Online Summer Institute (MOSI). The web application for summer of 2020 is now available on our virtual summer school page. The start date is May 22, 2020 and the very last day to turn in any work is July 17, 2020 at 11:01 PM. The last day to sign up to take a course with us is July 2, 2020. Students can only sign up for four semesters or two full credits. All core classes are two semesters (just like during the school year). We do offer Credit Recovery courses. For a student to be enrolled in a Credit Recovery Course the school counselor must fill out the MOSI Course Approval Form and fax it to Grandview R2 High School before they will be allowed to start the course. This can be found on the Virtual School page of our website www.mosi2020.org.

The student can complete the work anywhere that there is an internet connection. There are around 90 lessons per semester. What we consider a lesson is all the readings, assignments and tests. When students start the course the very first thing that they will have to do is to complete an orientation. In the orientation section the student will be given a course syllabus that has the due dates on it. This is just to help them stay on track to finish the course by the end date in July. Students are able to go through the course to a point on how fast or slow they would like to. They just have to complete any and all work by the end date of July 17, 2020 at 11:01 PM. This is the time that the system shuts them out of the course and they will not be allowed to submit any more work/tests. Any work that is not completed will be graded with a 0% and factored into their overall grade. I have seen some students complete a semester course in 2-3 weeks. They do this by working on the course off and on all day to get it done. Some of them do this so they can have the rest of the summer free. Then again, most students take the full time to complete the work. They do not have to be on the course during any certain time to interact with the teacher.

The teachers along with their mentors are available anytime by e-mail. They also have the option to call and ask their mentors questions Monday thru Thursday 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. The tests are not proctored by anyone. That is why we do not even offer the EOC courses (Biology, Civics, English II and Algebra I) during the summer.

Most of the courses are taught by our teachers. The company that we are partnered with provides Missouri certified teachers for the other courses.

MOSI is a FREE virtual summer school program that is open to all students in grades 6 – 12 in the State of Missouri (home schooled, private, or public) that offers more than 90 courses for original credit or credit recovery. The only thing is that a student may not be enrolled in summer courses with their school and take courses with us over the summer.

According to Section 167.227 RSMO, “No pupil shall attend summer school courses in more than one district during any one summer.” Students who enroll in MOSI may not enroll in and attend summer school course at another district, and students who enroll in another summer school program are ineligible to enroll in MOSI. If, you have any questions please feel free to contact Elaine Schlett at 636-944-3390 Option 4 or by email at schlette@grandviewr2.org