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Testing . . . Testing

14 days ago


The Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) is designed to measure how well students acquire the skills and knowledge described in the Missouri Learning Standards (MLS). They are one way we ensure we are meeting children’s needs and help students determine whether or not they are meeting their educational goals. No matter if students plan to attend college or start training for promising careers after high school graduation, they deserve high expectations and a high-quality education.

Again this year, all assessments, including the 3‐8 grade‐level assessments (GLA) and end‐of‐course assessments (EOC), will be a computerized assessment.

The specific testing schedules vary by buiolding, however, all students in grades 3, 4, 6 and 7 take assessments in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. Students in grades 5 and 8 take assessments in ELA, Mathematics, and Science.

Elementary GLA Schedule

Middle School GLA Schedule

High School EOC Schedule

The high school has already taken some of the EOC assessments for this school year.  These assessments are to be taken when the instructor and administration feel the students have been exposed to the standards sufficiently.

Teachers and students have worked hard to prepare for the assessments and are eager to show what they have learned throughout the school year.

Here are some important testing reminders for parents:

  • Attendance is crucial on testing dates.
  • If your student does not ride the bus, please make sure that they are at school on time.
  • Be certain that your student has had adequate rest (this may mean getting them used to an earlier bedtime before the week of testing).
  • Ensure your student gets a healthy breakfast — their brains need plenty of fuel!
  • Encourage your student to relax when taking the test.
  • If your student is anxious, please encourage them to see their counselor or a teacher to ask any questions.
  • Have a positive attitude about testing.

High-quality assessments are effective tools that educators, parents, and students can use to understand and measure student progress in a meaningful way. We use assessments – at the classroom, school, district and state levels – to make critical decisions about instruction, interventions and support, and policies.

Good luck to all of our Eagles!


By GV webmaster

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