The links below contain the Breakfast and Lunch menus for the month of November:
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Lunch Clip Art
The October breakfast and lunch menus are out. There are a couple of new items on the menu this month we are excited about. The links below contain the breakfast and lunch menus for October:
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Please note: The track will be closed until further notice for repairs, resurfacing, and repainting. Thanks for your understanding and patience.
5 months ago, Jason Van Houten
Caution Work Area
With today's inclement weather, there will be no Middle School weights tonight.
10 months ago, Don Jeffries
AMI Day Next Tuesday--You should have received an email or all-call on Friday announcing that we will not be conducting classes in the building on Tuesday with it being Election Day. We will be instead having our first AMI Day of the year. What is an AMI Day? It means Alternative Method of Instruction, which is a new learning opportunity for our teachers and students on days that school is not in session. The state of Missouri allows school districts to utilize five of these days during the school year. With the middle school being a polling place for this Presidential Election, the district is going to use its first AMI day on November 3rd. Here is how it will work: --Students will be given an assignment in each of their classes on Friday that is a review of previously covered material. We want to make sure that our students maintain long-term retention of the items we cover in class, and these days will allow that to occur. Students have the chromebook as a resource in class each day whether it is material using the PEAK system or some other instruction tool. Access to a computer or reliable internet service cannot be guaranteed for all students, so that is why each student will be given a paper copy of the assignment on Friday. These hurdles are also why the teachers will review material the students have already received the instruction. We want to make sure that all students have the opportunity to be successful on these AMI Days. --Teachers will send an email to parents and students on Tuesday morning to remind them of the AMI learning activity and also give them an electronic copy of the assignment. Teachers will also be available via email to answer questions that students may have throughout the course of the school day from 7:35 AM-3:17 PM. Teachers may be getting numerous emails, so please tell your student to be patient while waiting for a response. Your student can skip the item they are having difficulty with and come back to it later in the day once they receive a response. --Students should make sure to complete the assignments that are part of their AMI activity as there will be points taken for these AMI activities on the next day that we have class. In next week's case, students will turn in the activity on Wednesday. --As the school year progresses, we will have up to four more of these AMI Days. When the long-range forecast has inclement weather, we will send AMI activities home with the student in anticipation of potential AMI Days due to snow or other forms of inclement weather where the roads make it dangerous for traveling. If you have any questions about the upcoming AMI Day, please feel free to contact Mr. Jeffries via email at or call the office at 636-944-3390 ext. 3.
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Due to the current COVID-19 rules on social distancing the regular School Board meeting on April 16, 2020 at 7:00 pm will be streamed live on the School Board page of Grandview's website. You can follow this link:
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Virtural School Board Meeting
Watch the live stream of the 2019 Grandview R-2 Middle School Choir and Band Concert here:
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Bus Route Changes: Wednesday October 23rd we sent home letters with students explaining upcoming bus route changes. The reason for these changes is a shortage of bus drivers, county and statewide. On a daily basis, we are working to figure out how we are going to get students from school to home and from school to after school trips. Condensing a route is not a decision we take lightly and we know this change will be frustrating for many. This is a decision we did not want to make, it is a necessary change. Even with the changes, all full size bus routes will continue to be under an hour. I would like to thank everyone in advance as we make this transition, and I encourage you to call the transportation department if you have any questions about your route. (636) 944-3941 Opt. 2. The new routes will be posted on the school website. We will be sending an all call tonight and a reminder all call the night before the change, November 4th. Thank You for Your Understanding, Matt Zoph Superintendent
about 2 years ago, Mr. Zoph
Bus Routes Effective November 5, 2019
Fall Concert
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7th and 8th Grade Band